Over 50 Tournament
Year Winner Runner Up
2018Nick ScarleSteve Ward
2017Nick ScarleRod Boswell
2016Steve WardRod Boswell
2015Nick ScarleRod Boswell
2014Phil StaffordNick Scarle
2013Phil StaffordNick Scarle
2012Phil StaffordNick Scarle
2011Steve WardCarl Austin
2010Steve WardCarl Austin
2009Rod BoswellSteve Ward
2008Paul ValeMark Davenport
2007Steve WardDave Smeaton
2006Steve WardRod Boswell
2005Rod BoswellPeter Karwat
2004Rod Boswell
2003Dave Tweedle
2002Abandoned out of respect for the tragic death of Liam Foster Snr
2001Rod BoswellTony Foulds
2000Tony FouldsDave Tweedle
1999Tony FouldsRod Boswell
1998Rod BoswellMike Jones
1997Tony FouldsMike Jones
1996Bob TownsendRod Boswell
1995Bob TownsendRod Boswell
1994Rod BoswellBob Townsend
1993Bob TownsendRon Wellens
1992Rod BoswellBob Townsend
1991Bob TownsendTony Bowden
1990David TweedleTony Bowden
1989David TweedleGerry Knowles
1988David TweedleGerry Knowles
1987Gerry KnowlesDavid Tweedle
1986Gerry KnowlesAlan Bird
1985Gerry KnowlesDennis Fiddler
1984Alan BirdDennis Fiddler
1983George WisemanDan Hogg
1982Mike KidwellGeorge Wiseman
1981George WisemanMike Kidwell
1980Mike KidwellGeorge Wiseman
1979Mike KidwellGeorge Wiseman
1978B. Shaw

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